Alt Alt: DIY Performance Fest

Bethani Jade in 'Forbidden Fruit' at Alt Alt: DIY Performance Fest 

Bethani Jade in 'Forbidden Fruit' at Alt Alt: DIY Performance Fest 

Alt Alt began as a stone soup affair. Bethani hand selected ten artists to create and present new and experimental performances at Paved Arts January 7th & 8th 2017. Funded out of pocket this was an experiment in paying it forward and putting my money where my mouth is. The experiment worked beautifully with standing room only Saturday night, and the community contributing over a thousand dollars at the door which went directly to the artists presenting. This demonstrated a clear appetite in Saskatoon for more experimental and exploratory works.

Goat Songs Theatre Co.

Goat Songs Theatre Company began in early 2000's as a collaboration between friends to create new work, and explore ideas that we did not see being addressed on stage. The ensemble produced five productions including three originally created works Mannerz 4 Teenz, The Gardener, and Amour et Mort. The company has evolved and grown in many ways over the years as members of the ensemble have come and gone.  We are currently on our most recent evolutionary thrust as we bid farewell to the second last original member to a new exciting east coast adventure. We do not yet know what the future holds, but we are seeking our next calculated leap of faith. Please stay tuned for updates on our next radical reincarnation as we venture forth into new territory.


Saskatoon's Women's Arts Alliance:

SheBam! Festival of Women's Arts

SheBam! was a two day multi-disciplinary arts festival held at the Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre in Saskatoon in June 2011 that a focused on celebrating women's stories and art. The festival featured over a dozen artists from across Saskatchewan, and attracted a multi-generational audience from 7 to 70. 

Saskatoon's Women's Arts Alliance was a grass-roots non-profit organization primarily formed to present SheBam! by Bethani Jade (president), Emma Roy (vice president), and Aidan Searle (secretary).  Our mission was to champion the voices of women through the powerful medium of the arts, and strive to engage men and women of all ages in building a diverse community to create a legacy of celebration that will inspire our sons and daughters for generations.


Flying Pants Improv Co.

Flying Pants Improv Company was a collaboration between Emma Roy and Bethani Jade to teach improv to children ages 6 to 12 in a fun and engaging way. The name refers to the nature of improvisation and the spirit in which the company was created. Weekend workshops were offered to two age levels in Saskatoon, and smaller one hour versions were presented at the Children's Area at the Ness Creek Music Festival 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009.