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Alt Alt Collective Devised Theatre Free-For-All Lab - POSTPONED

Due to an unforeseen opportunity this lab has been postponed until further notice. Please consider joining the Alt Alt Collective mailing list in order to stay up to date with these developments.


This lab is intended for anyone interested or engaged in any kind of devised theatre work to come together for a mad weekend of creative exploration. Inspired by my recent trip to the Ghost River Theatre Devised Production Intensive. This is a fun open format style workshop with lots of opportunity for peer-2-peer mentorship to encourage the sharing of knowledge, and discovering new language of working together for anyone who is interested.


Friday June 26th
7:30 pm Introductions, complete the Skills Matrix, and get the lay of the land
8:00 pm Get to know each other games
9:30 pm Campfire / Night cap

Saturday June 27th
9:00 am Optional group warm up
10:00 am First exploration
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Four Square
2:00 pm Second exploration
4:00 pm Third individual exploration
5:00 pm Dinner break – Potluck
7:00 pm Games
8:30 pm Campfire / Night cap

Sunday June 28th
9:00 am Optional group warm up
10:00 am Fourth exploration
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Four Square
2:00 pm Fifth exploration
4:00 pm Presentation/Debrief
5:00 pm Wrap up/Clean up
6:00 pm Drive home

I am suggesting $50 per person to cover the cost of opening and running the space, and other incidental costs, but do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone wishing to attend. I will not be taking a fee for my time out of that donation this is a pay-it-forward event. If you have an exploration you would like to lead over the weekend let me know otherwise I will plan to have a few options ready for the group to explore. I need a minimum of 6 people to move forward.

The space is 20 minutes out Highway 16 E just past Clavet. There are signs marking the turn off of the Highway onto a gravel road, but I will have additional signage for the workshop to help guide you. The space is a large open studio concept with concrete floors, wood fire stove, and communal kitchen, bathroom, and shower for your use, however we will be creating a bit of a tent city in the yard for accommodations and trying to work outside in the open prairie when possible. If you do not have a tent, or would prefer other arrangements please get in touch with me to discuss options. There is no internet at the space, so I encourage you to enjoy an unplugged weekend of creative indulgence.

Please bring:
• A tent and sleeping gear
• Comfortable movement clothes and shoes
• Notebook and pens/pencisl
• Water bottle
• Sun screen / bug spray / anything you will need to be comfortable working outdoors
• Food for yourself for Breakfast and Lunch
• Potluck item for Saturday (talk to Bethani to confirm item)
• Other things you will need to make yourself comfortable: favorite tea, hot water bottle, bottle of wine, etc.
• A towel for the shower and over night necessities
• Your yoga mat (optional)
• Bring a brief piece of personal writing from a time when you felt like you had an “aha” moment that gave you either a much needed wake-up call, or helped you overcome a dead-end obstacle.
• Bring 5 images (printed) on the theme of the road less travelled
• Bring 5 objects from home that reminds you of summer. Don’t think too hard about it, be instinctive, also please don’t bring anything that is extremely financially or emotionally valuable.
• Your sense of adventure

Please plan to feed yourself for breakfast and lunch over the weekend, and a team potluck for dinner on Saturday night.

I very much encourage folks to arrange car-pooling where possible.

Any questions please let me know.