my intensity brings me great joy

Bethani Jade was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to two artists. Her earliest memories include learning what a horizon line is with her father, Gordon Groat, and hand throwing pots with her mother, Jaki French. Raised at home by her mother in the unschooling tradition of student directed learning. She had ample opportunity to pursue her passions for writing, theatre, dance and yoga, which she did all the way through grade 12. She carries forward the unschooler's motto "the world is my class room; learning all of the time" into her creative practice today.

As an artist she believes in the transformative power of performance. Her creative practice is diverse and ever evolving. Bethani has a background in modern dance and theatre as an actor and director as well as in collaborative creation. Her most recent work includes Forbidden Fruits at Alt Alt DIY Performance Fest 2017 a multi-disciplinary dance collaboration with Stephanie Kuse, Eden Rohatensky, and Joline Rath. As well as directing for Short Cuts Festival 2015, and studying with One Yellow Rabbit in 2016. Bethani is a passionate champion of the arts serving as a board member and volunteer for several organizations including the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre, Ness Creek Music Festival, and 25th Street Theatre.

 Her creative process oscillates between stoic meditation and collaborative creation often combining elements of lyrical prose, dreamlike movement, unorthodox narratives and exploratory constructs. Some of influences include: Julie Taymor, Marina Abramovic, Frida Kahlo, Herman Hesse, Aesop Rock,  Leonard Cohen, Quintin Tarantino, the Riot Grrrl movement & Pussy Riot, Georgia O'Keefe, Shakespeare, Greek and Egyptian mythology. Her key mentors and teachers have been: Tom Bentley-Fisher, Kim Searle, Raymon Montalbetti, Pam Bustin, Lia Pas, Jan Henrikson, and Denise Clarke, Blake Brooker, and the rabbits.

Projects she is currently working on include: Forbidden Fruits, Dinner Tables, and Dear Devotion. As well as artistic director for Alt Alt: DIY Performance Festival, and self-publishing two books of poetry Self Study and Year of Yin.