Bethani Jade

Bethani Jade


Performance is the intersection between corporeal reality and the dreaming mind creating an experience that transcends normal constraints of space & time.



Saskatoon, SK    Treaty 6 Territory


Mission statement

I believe in the power of creative transformation.


Selected Influences

Frida Kahlo, Aesop Rock, Swami Sivananda Radha, Julie Taymor, Marina Abramovic, Edna St. Vincent Millay

Bethani Jade is a performance artist born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to two visual artists. Her earliest memories include learning about the horizon line with her father and hand throwing clay pots with her mother. She had ample opportunity to pursue her passions for creative writing, theatre, dance and yoga outside of the public education system as an unschooled self-directed learner. She carries forward the unschooler's motto "the world is my class room; learning all of the time" into her creative practice today.

As an artist she believes in the transformative power of performance. Her creative process oscillates between stoic meditation and collaborative creation often combining elements of lyrical prose, dreamlike movement, unorthodox narratives and exploratory constructs. Her most recent work includes Forbidden Fruits/In Bloom a multi-disciplinary dance collaboration with Stephanie Kuse, Eden Rohatensky, and Joline Rath. As well as directing for Short Cuts Festival 2016, and studying with One Yellow Rabbit in 2016. Currently she is working on self-publishing two books of poetry.

Bethani is a passionate champion of the arts having served as a board member and volunteer for several organizations including the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre, Ness Creek Music Festival, and 25th Street Theatre.